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The 18th Scaling New Heights Asia Investment Forum 2021

Dennis Wu of AEC Group delivered an opening seminar at the 18th Scaling New Heights Asia Investment Forum 2021 organized by Financial PR Group ("Financial PR") on 7 July. He spoke about ESG digital transformation to achieve new heights and interacted with representatives of Hong Kong listed-companies online.

As ESG digitalization becomes a significant trend, future sustainability reports are expected to be more comprehensive and cover more complete and quality ESG information, with a view to meeting the growing demand for ESG disclosures from investors and stakeholders. Companies also need to cope with ongoing business development and, at the same time, faces the challenges of more stringent disclosure requirements from HKEX ESG Reporting Guide. The traditional way of collecting and disclosing data is out of step with today’s world.

During the webinar, Mr. Wu gave a taste of how Sustainature, an all-in-one cloud-based platform developed by AEC Group, could address the above pain points. This platform not only helps corporates with ESG data collection, management and analysis across their portfolios, but also tracks their performance through target-setting. It also creates reports that align precisely with HKEX’s ESG reporting requirements, helping senior management and investor relations professionals better manage ESG disclosures and meet the growing needs from the capital market.

Sustainature will be launched in the near future – stay tuned with us for latest news and offers.


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